Kumpermond works in painting/ installation.
The theme is human contemporary depiction, its herited and idealised representation and how it affects the material, the physical space or non-space and the gaps inbetween. The viewer is shaken in its relational coordinates and is therefore invited to make a move.
Kumpermond traveled far, already in childhood, between colonial history and ancient cultures, myth and cult of the dead, high civilizations and prehistories, NY and Burma, Palermo and Mexico, California and the Netherlands, Israel, Africa , Australia, up to a small pacific island, Vanuatu, with statistically the worldest happiest inhabitants, though known to have been carnivores just 100 years ago. She lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, Brussels and Biarritz. Most works have been produced in ateliers and residencies in France, Belgium and Australia.
Her works are held in private and state collections in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Australia and Switzerland.