Francisco Javier Gomez Carpinteiro
Research Professor, Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, BUAP MExico

.. a magnificent work of art: the installation by the artist Kumpermond ... The exhibition already seductively attracted me by its title and I remained impressed: light blankets, heavy metallic structures, extremely thin threads supporting heavy objects and very dense visual contents, as well as a lighting that was turning opaque into brilliant and what we normally consider brilliant as dark ... the images transmitted an extremely evocative history of a human condition worn out by the step of the years. It was the story of humanity enfolding to sensitize us on the problematic ties between our past, present and future.
What does that we are as we are? In other words: why are we as we are? ... the observer of this work not only retaines an aesthetic fascination, but his soul will be confused. This confusion sown by the aesthetic is a motivation to find the truths of what we face as fictions. The differences in the world are not something we see as natural and normal. However, they have irrational and immoral bases, which we deny, because they are held in specific relationships. To deny them, we discover the lies of the existence of people destined to dominate or be dominated. Kumpermond’s works causes reflections on how are you.
In a world full of more violence, a work of this artist, despite taking a topic that is as depressing as human misery, causes optimism. We have to be sensitive, not to forget that what gives us humanity is respect for others, because that will help us to love ourselves. In the history of mankind have been many calamities: wars, conquest, subjugation, colonization of bodies and souls. Kumpermond’s work causes us to remember, but what for? And contemplating on each work, I get a simple answer to my perception damaged: ... it would be better if the world did not have ratings. If anyone dared to qualify just me in a nineteenth and Eurocentric terms of race, they would scientifically find I am a mixture of Indian, Moor, Aragon ,black bighorn, which make me completely different than others and, therefore, I am unclassifiable, unreadable to the master. If I recognize that I can not be stuck in a classification, I know with certainty that my peers can not be reduced to a typology or thing. We are all equal because we are all paradoxically different. Kumpermond 's work helped me to better understand this.
It gave me immense pleasure to observe the installation of this connoted artist in Mexico, where in the days running there few things fill us with joy. Sometimes love, with so many contradictions that fill our everydays world, seems an unattainable state. After witnessing this work, maybe like me, other viewers are thinking the world is based on combinations that characterize our humanity and should not set us apart ... The truth in these dark days that led us to believe that art can slide images of a better world for all ...